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Mass tourism in climbing: How Ticino bouldering areas are struggling for solutions

Are the Ticino bouldering areas victims of their own success? A report on causes and possible solutions.

Magic Wood bouldering area: Community terminates lease agreement with Saluz family

The waves go wild in the nationally and internationally known and popular bouldering area Magic Wood. The Saluz long-term tenant family received notice of termination from the municipality of Ferrera. What is going on in the Aver Valley? Will the Magic Wood bouldering area soon lose its magic? LACRUX spoke to Thomas Saluz and the Mayor Albert Rauch.

Boulderblock in the Magic Wood defaced with graffiti

A beautiful boulder block in the Magic Wood was unfortunately smeared with graffiti last weekend. We spoke to Thomas Saluz from Bodhi Camping. Like Thomas...

The Averstal invites you to the Clean Up Day at the Magic Wood

On August 19th and 20th, 2017, IG Magic Wood is organizing the 8th Clean Up Day together with Bodhi Climbing & Gasthaus Edelweiss...