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Recall: La Sportiva Mulaz helmet

The Italian sporting goods manufacturer La Sportiva calls back its climbing helmet Mulaz. Information about the recall can be found at

The climbing shoe Black Diamond Zone in the test

The Climbing Shoe Zone by Black Diamond feels especially good on steep routes. Guest author Christian Possa took a closer look at the shoe.

The Mammut Smart 2.0 device under test

Fewer and fewer climbers are belaying with the half-mast hitch. Semi-automatic belay devices are particularly popular. One of them is the Smart 2.0 from Mammut. Our...


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For once, Schubert upgrades instead of depreciating Clash of the Titans (9b)

Jakob Schubert repeated Clash of the Titans (9a+). Now, after some reflection, he suggests upgrading the route to 9b.

Simon Gietl: “Being able to climb something like that at the beginning of November is like a birthday and Christmas together.”

After an impressive first ice ascent: Simon Gietl about unexpected surprises on the first ascent, style discussions and early ice.

Alexander Huber climbs 150-meter rock pinnacle at Cala Goloritzé free solo

Professional climber and alpinist Alexander Huber climbs free solo on the famous 150-meter rock needle near Cala Goloritzé in Sardinia.

Hanging Syndrome: Why Free Hanging Can Be Deadly

Hanging syndrome: Why hanging freely in a harness after a fall can be fatal and what climbers can do about it.

ACT Squat: How to strengthen your hip muscles | Compensatory training

The training experts Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb will show you exercises for hip problems. Today: The ACT Squat.
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