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Stefano Ghisolfi in the hardest route in Italy | Excalibur Uncut

Up close and unfiltered: Accompany Stefano Ghisolfi on his hardest first ascent to date: Excalibur (9b+) - uncut.

Projecting at the limit and the possibility of failure

Stefano Ghisolfi shows what it means to plan the hardest sport climbing route and the hardest boulder in the world.

Stefano Ghisolfi reveals the secret of his endurance

This is how Stefano Ghisolfi is training for his three big goals in 2024: Olympic qualification, Silence (9c) and Burden of Dreams (9A).

Stefano Ghisolfi climbs the legendary Action Directe (9a) | Video

First 9a in the world: With Action Directe, Stefano Ghisolfi repeated one of the most iconic lines in the world last fall.

Stefano Ghisolfi's path to the hardest sport climbing route in Italy | Video

With the first ascent of Excalibur, Stefano Ghisolfi made himself a knight. Now there is the inspection video for the mega line.

Climbing professionals in social media stress, climbing ethics under pressure | Lacrux TV

Lacrux TV: Professional climbers have to have a constant online presence. How do they deal with this and how does this pressure influence climbing ethics?

Laura Rogora is the first woman to climb Lapsus (9a+) near Andonno

The Italian Laura Rogora is the first woman to repeat the 9a+ route Lapsus in Andonno, which was still considered the first 2015b in Italy in 9.

Historical routes repeated: Ghisolfi and Piccolruaz successful on the rock

Stefano Ghisolfi repeats the legendary 9a route Action Directe, Michael Piccolruaz scores Weisse Rose at the Schleierwasserfall.