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Alex Rohr gets the third ascent of the Ondra line Retour Gagnant

After compatriot Cédric Lachat, the Swiss Alex Rohr gets the second repetition of Retour Gagnant (9a) in St. Léger. Already in the third session he managed to climb the line opened by Adam Ondra in 2018.

French Julia Chanourdie climbs 9b route Eagle-4

Julia Chanourdie climbs a 4b route with Eagle-9 in St. Léger as the first French woman and only the third woman worldwide.

Again Adam Ondra: 9b first ascent

Adam Ondra's success stories reach us faster than we can publish articles. Yesterday, the over-climber succeeded with the Route Eagle (9b) in St. Leger...

Adam Ondra writes climbing story: 9a + flash

Last year, Adam Ondra managed the first ascent of a climbing route with a difficulty level of 9c. A murmur ran through the climbing scene as he...

Adam Ondra manages 9a + first ascent in St. Leger

Again we get a message from Adam Ondra. He managed the first ascent of La Chatagne (9a +) in St. Leger on Friday. If you increase the walking speed...