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Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats Sleeping Lion (9b)

Sleeping Lion for the third time: The strong Spaniard Jorge Díaz-Rullo repeats Chris Sharma's new kingline in Siurana.

Watch Reel Rock Episode Sleeping Lion with Chris Sharma for free

Accompany Chris Sharma in his mega project Sleeping Lion from the countless attempts at project planning to the final implementation.

This is how Alex Megos climbs the mega line Sleeping Lion | Video

Filmmaker Marco Zanone documents Alex Megos' path to the second ascent of Sleeping Lion with powerful images.

Bloody fingers and a broken handle: Megos' first sessions in Sleeping Lion

In this video, top German climber Alex Megos provides exciting insights into the planning phase of Sleeping Lion.

Alexander Megos repeats Sharma route Sleeping Lion suggests 9b

The German professional climber Alex Megos has succeeded in repeating the Sleeping Lion route for the first time. Does it confirm the degree?

This is how Chris Sharma climbs Sleeping Lion (9b+) | Video

In the spring of this year, Chris Sharma made climbing history once again when he freed a new kingline in Siurana. With Sleeping Lion (9b+)...

Chris Sharma (41) with the hardest first ascent of his life: Sleeping Lion (9b +)

Almost exactly ten years after he was able to climb his first 9b+ route with La Dura Dura, Chris Sharma strikes again: In Siurana he manages the first ascent of Sleeping Lion (9b+). With this new King-Line, the 41-year-old American puts the icing on the cake of his long climbing career.