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New speed record: Glatthard and Wahli climb the Salbit Trilogy in under 6 hours

Simon Wahli and Yannick Glatthard set a new record on Salbitschijen. You climb the three ridges in 5 hours and 53 minutes.

Glatthard, Wahli and Schild release the uncompromising crack test piece GWS-Direct (5 SL, 8a+)

Simon Wahli, Jonas Schild and Yannick Glatthard open a tough and uncompromising crack route on the Furka Pass: GWS-Direct (5SL, 8as+).

Fastest woman: Nadine Wallner completes the Vertical Jungfrau Marathon in under 17 hours

Vertical Jungfrau Marathon: Nadine Wallner masters the mega tour with 2 rock routes, a high tour and ridge climbing in 16h20min.

Simon Wahli repeats France's toughest trad route

Swiss mountain guide and climber Simon Wahl with Le Voyage (E10, 7a) in Annot his most difficult trad route so far.

Simon Wahli seriously injured in crash

Roger Schäli and Simon Wahli traveled to the big wall paradise of Yosemite Valley for almost seven weeks. The aim of the two was to prepare for an upcoming Patagonia trip...