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Dawn Wall in the sights of Berthe and Vanhee - is the devaluation threatened?

The two Belgian Siebe Vanhee and Sébastien Berthe have arrived in Yosemite Valley. Your goal is to redpunkt climb one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the world, The Dawn Wall. Does this mean that the route is threatened with an imminent devaluation?

Siebe Vanhee repeats Project Fear (8b + / c) - and devalues

The Belgian repeats the line that Dave McLeod first started in 2014 on the north face of the Cima Ovest di Lavaredo. He connected the three hardest pitches and climbed 50 meters at a time through the large roof. He devalued the grade after his inspection.

Climbing film Orbayu Free Again with Siebe Vanhee

On July 25, 2020, Siebe Vanhee managed to climb the multi-pitch route Orbayu (8c, 500m, 13SL). The North Face's film Orbayu Free Again has been available in full length on Actiontalk TV since yesterday.

Siebe Vanhee successful in the Rätikon: Never ending story scored

A few days after his success in the Alpstein, the Belgian Siebe Vanhee was drawn to the nearby Rätikon climbing area. Within two days he managed the red point ascent...

Nils Favre and Siebe Vanhee climb the multi-pitch route Parzival (8b)

Nils Favre and Siebe Vanhee manage the second and third repetitions of the Parzival route (8b, 6SL, 150 meters) on the Trinity.

Siebe Vanhee climbs heavy multi-pitch route Orbayu

Siebe Vanhee climbs the multi-pitch route Orbayu (8c, 500m, 13 SL) at Naranjo De Bulnes in the Picos de Europa National Park, Spain.

Unknown Factors: climbing film with Jacopo Larcher, Siebe Vanhee, Matty Hong and the Pou brothers

Jacopo Larcher, Siebe Vanhee, Matty Hong and the Pou brothers opened new climbing routes in the Indian Baspa Valley last autumn. Now there is the film.

Siebe Vanhee redpoints multi-pitch tour Silbergeier

Sieves Vanhee rides on the wave of success. On Wednesday, 28. August 2019, he managed the one-day redpoint walk of the Rätikon classic silver vulture.



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