Keyword: Easily secure

Neox: New belay device from Petzl combines the best of two worlds

Neox: We tested the new Petzl belay device for you and were more than impressed with the rope handling.

Edelrid Pinch: New belay device with blocking function and direct belt integration

The Pinch from Edelrid is the first safety device on the market that can be hooked into the central ring of the climbing harness without a carabiner.

This is how you tie off the Grigri to have both hands free

Today we'll show you how to tie off the Petzl Grigri to have both hands free while belaying.

No more neck pain when climbing thanks to safety glasses from YY Vertical

Looking up while belaying causes neck tension for many. This can be remedied by using safety glasses - for example from YY Vertical.

Adam Ondra: When climbing to the limit, I need a good belay partner

When Adam Ondra climbs to his limit, he attaches great importance to who secures him when climbing. More on this in the latest edition of his video series.

The concept of the two-hand sensor promises more safety during rope climbing

A lot has been written and extensively discussed in the German-speaking world about how to belay correctly when climbing a rope. Nevertheless, Walter Britschgi calls for a rethink. We got him...

How to properly secure with the Grigri 2 and Grigri + from Petzl

The Petzl Grigri belay device is one of the most popular belay devices on the market. In the following videos you will learn in detail how...

The solution to weight differences in the roped party?

With the OHM, Edelrid presents a possible solution for climbing rope teams with a large difference in weight. If two people with different weights are climbing, then...