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Philipp Geisenhoff: “That was my best bouldering day so far”

What a day for Philipp Geisenhoff: The strong Swiss climbs four hard boulders up to 8B+ in the Rocklands.

In the Rocklands rows of heavy boulders are cracked

In the South African bouldering Mecca Rocklands there is a lot going on: Ryuichi Murai repeats the ultimate test piece Livin' Large (8C +) as well as other hard boulders. Russian Vadim Timonov flashes Mirta (8B+) and opens G-master (8C).

Rocklands: Wientjes, Scarperi and Iagnemma clean up

The Bouldering Mecca Rocklands is a busy place. As a result, rows of hard lines are repeated: Stefan Scarperi climbs Monkey Wedding (8C), Flo Wintjes flashes Amandla (8B +) and Elias Iagnemma returns home with a whole series of boulders in the upper eighth grade on his tick list.

Paul Robinson repeats South Africa-9a Legacy

The American bouldering specialist Paul Robinson succeeds in only the second repetition of the 9a route Legacy, the first 9a in South Africa.

Vadim Timonov's incredible performance in the Rocklands

The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov rushes through a climbing area once again and presents an absolutely impressive ticklist - and a video with the ascents.

Craziest Moves - Dave Graham bouldering Petrichor (8c)

Dave Graham is one of the strongest climbers in the world and has climbed numerous boulders for the first time. For the ascent of the Petrichor boulder, he had to dig deep into his bag of tricks.

Vadim Timonov in top form: The Finnish Line (8c) and more bouldered

The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov lives up to his name: Within just two days he climbed two extremely difficult boulders, including The Finnish Line (8c).

Shawn Raboutou boulders Livin 'Large (8c / 8c +)

Shawn Raboutou climbs one of the most difficult highballs in the world: Livin 'Large (8c / 8c +). This video shows his ascent.