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Mass tourism in climbing: How Ticino bouldering areas are struggling for solutions

Are the Ticino bouldering areas victims of their own success? A report on causes and possible solutions.

Survived again: gripping film about Robert Leistner

Robert Leistner is a Saxon thoroughbred climber and knows the Elbe Sandstone Mountains like the back of his hand. Today we can exclusively present you a short film about the first ascent of numerous difficult and hair-raising climbing routes.

Is Le Bombé Bleu the hardest route in the world?

In the French climbing area Buoux there is an impressive route that has not been conquered for decades: Le Bombé Bleu. Some have tried their hand at the imposing line: Ben Moon, Fred Rouhling or Chris Sharma. And now Lucien Martinez, Anatole Bosio and Charles Albert.

Video report: Yannick Glatthard and Silvan Schüpbach in the north face of the Gross Wellhorn

Actiontalk TV accompanied Silvan Schüpbach, Matteo Della Bordella and Yannick Glatthard on the north face of the Gross Wellhorn: Route Ying Yang.

Reportage about the brothers Fred and François Nicole

Swiss television RTS (French) produced an exciting report about the two brothers and climbing pioneers François and Fred Nicole. We say film off.

This reportage shows the two deceased alpinists David Lama and Hansjörg Auer

In memory of the two Tyroleans, Bayerischer Rundfunk published a report about David Lama and Hansjörg Auer.