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Jakob Schubert in the Red Rocks: Is the 9a boulder threatened with devaluation?

A few days ago, Jakob Schubert started his trip to the USA. Now the goal of his stay in Las Vegas is known: He projects the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker (9a). When will the ascent work? Is the Boulder threatened with devaluation?

American Brooke Raboutou bouldering Trieste (8b +)

Brooke Raboutou is bouldering for the third time in her career on the 8b + level of difficulty. Last weekend she walked the Trieste line in Red Rocks, Nevada.

Daniel Woods bouldering Return of the Sleepwalker (9a / V17) - video

A few weeks ago Daniel Woods managed the first ascent of the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker. As a rating, he suggested 9a. Here is the video of the inspection.

Daniel Woods: First ascent of the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker (9a)

Daniel Woods manages the first ascent of the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker in the Red Rocks. He suggests 9a as a rating.

Under the radar: Nathan Williams bouldering Sleepwalker (8c +)

The 22-year-old Nathan Williams succeeds only the fifth ascent of the Boulder Sleepwalker in the Red Rocks. But who is Nathan Williams?

20-year-old Drew Ruana bouldering Sleepwalker (8c +) and The Nest (8c)

The American Rudolph "Drew" Ruana is soaring. He manages the two ultra-heavy lines Sleepwalker (8c +) and The Nest (8c) in Red Rocks.

Nalle Hukkataival manages the third ascent of Boulders Sleepwalker

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival announces the third ascent of 8c + Boulder's Sleepwalker in the Red Rocks, USA.

Movie about the Red Rocks Trip by Nils Favre

Nils Favre was still in the Red Rocks a few weeks ago, snapping off rows of hard boulders - including the line Nalle Hukkataival first climbed...



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