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Climbing finches of the competition athletes: La Sportiva Solution Comp

The Climbing Shoe Solution Comp by La Sportiva is fully geared towards indoor climbing and competition style.

Climbing harnesses Adjama and Luna: all-rounders?

A climbing harness for all mountain sports? The Petzl Adjama and Luna W models come close. We introduce them.

Sports / GPS watches: In tune with the times

In the past, it was at most runners who did their laps with a heart rate monitor. In the meantime, however, the helpers have found their way into all kinds of sports - including mountain sports. The functions go far beyond the heart rate monitor. The sports watch jungle is dense and confusing. We try to get an overview.

One for all: The Konseal climbing pants from Arc'teryx

Climbing pants must be functional and specific for movement on the rock. The Arc'teryx Konseal Pant can do that - and more.

Robust companion: the Trad 30 Dry climbing backpack from Ortovox

The climbing backpack Trad 30 Dry from Ortovox is waterproof and robust. Your spare clothes and equipment are guaranteed to stay dry here.

The best of both worlds: the Reach 12 backpack from Blue Ice

Which backpack type is good for climbing? Which one for trail running? The Reach 12 from Blue Ice combines both worlds.

Merino wool: naturally warm base layer

Despite all the technical innovations in the clothing industry, one natural fiber is still particularly convincing: Merino wool.

Little frills, a lot of performance: The LVS Powder BT from Pieps

The wintry mountain world is impressive and offers a lot of new things in summer: ski tours, snowshoe hikes or ice climbing, to name just a few sports. Unfortunately, snow-covered peaks also harbor a real risk of an avalanche. Especially with the current snow conditions. Life-saving equipment in an emergency is essential. Above all a reliable avalanche transceiver. We introduce you to the Powder BT from Pieps.