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Adam Ondra joins the 9b route Neanderthal in Santa Linya as third

Route Neanderthal was a kind of love-hate relationship for Czech climber Adam Ondra. Numerous attempts wrestled him from Chris Sharma erstbegangene route until he was able to finally announce the passage a few days ago.

Jakob Schubert climbs the 9b route Neanderthal in second place

The Austrian Jakob Schubert draws attention to himself again by inspecting a difficult route: he succeeds in repeating the Neanderthal route for the first time...

Again Adam Ondra: 9b first ascent

Adam Ondra's success stories reach us faster than we can publish articles. Yesterday, the over-climber succeeded with the Route Eagle (9b) in St. Leger...

Adam Ondra does not climb everything

Of all the well-known climbing names out there, you often only see pictures and videos of successful climbs. At Chris Sharma's test piece Neanderthal (9b) in Santa...



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