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Alpinhack: self-made rope holder for multi-rope lengths

Simple rope handling at the belay station with a self-made rope holder ring - the handicraft instructions in 5 steps, that's how it works!

8 facts about the cold

Those who know nothing must believe everything. From myths about heat loss through the head to the question of whether women get colder than men. Eight facts on the subject.

Live from the base camp: social media marketing in mountaineering

Instagram, Facebook and Co have also changed the marketing options for mountaineers. In the meantime, alpinists like to be harshly criticized for their appearances in the digital media. But why actually? And what does a social media pro have to say about it?

Know-how: This is how the South Tyrolean stand works

In recent years, the South Tyrolean stand has become “best practice” in alpine stand construction. But what exactly is a South Tyrolean booth? And what are the advantages or are there possibly also disadvantages? Chris Semmel has dealt intensively with the topic and also asked the inventors.

Can I belay with the Micro Traxion?

Anti-reverse pulleys were developed for crevasse rescue, pulley blocks and self-rescue. Every now and then you can see experienced alpinists belaying with the Micro Traxion. But how dangerous is this application?

Messner's rope teams | An interview with Reinhold Messner

The book author, museum curator and retired alpinist Reinhold Messner on wives, fathers and friends as mountain partners, the abuse of the word camaraderie - and envy as a companion.

Rope or not rope? Backup options at full speed

What security options are there on a high-altitude tour? What are the pros and cons? Florian Hellberg gives an overview.

Choking in a tent: you should know that

It is a truism that the tent always has to be open while cooking - and one that is often ignored. When it is too cold or windy, mountaineers pull the zipper of the tent completely closed. They ignore the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We show what you should pay attention to.