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Alpinist in a fatal accident on Piz Polashin

On Thursday afternoon, an alpinist fell in Silvaplana on Piz Polaschin. While abseiling, he fell around thirty meters and was fatally injured.

Fatal mountain accident: two alpinists crashed

On Saturday, August 22nd, a fatal mountain accident occurred on the Weisshorn. Two alpinists lost their lives in the process.

Mountaineer in a fatal accident at the cathedral

On Saturday, August 15th, a mountain accident occurred at the cathedral in Valais (Switzerland). An alpinist was killed.

Climbers at the Blüemlisalp fatal accident

Last Sunday there was a fatal accident when a rope team descended from the Blüemlisalp.

Andreas Lindner from DAV Expedkader member died in a fatal accident

On June 29, Andreas Lindner, a member of the DAV expedition squad, had a fatal accident in the Mont Blanc massif when approaching the west wall of Dru.

Fewer deadly accidents in the Swiss mountains

In 2016, around 2 people had to be rescued by mountain rescue teams in the Swiss Alps. 800 people died in mountaineering accidents: That's 113...