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America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

Pete Whittaker recently secured the third ascent of the difficult Stranger than Fiction (8c) crack line in Utah. Connor Herson repeats in Yosemite Valley...

Babsi Zangerl climbs the hardest trad line of her life: Meltdown (8c+)

Babsi Zangerl repeats one of the most difficult trad crack routes in the world in Yosemite Valley: Meltdown (8c+)

Jacopo Larcher climbs one of the most difficult trad crack routes in the world: Meltdown (8c +)

Jacopo Larcher secures the third ascent of the iconic Trad crack line Meltdown (8c +) in Cascade Creek in California's Yosemite Valley. After Beth Rodden's first ascent in 2008, it was a full decade before Carlo Traversi was the first to repeat the trad test piece.

Robert Jasper Climbs New Route on Eiger Rope Solo: Meltdown

The German professional alpinist Robert Jasper manages a new tour on the right part of the north face of the Eiger: Meltdown (7a +). He walked the route single-handedly and secured...

Video: Carlo Traversi repeats first the crack route Meltdown

In November of last year, Carlo Traversi scored the first iteration of Meltdown (5.14c / 8c +). The route is one of the heaviest rift routes in the world, waiting for 10 years to repeat.

Carlo Traversi climbs one of the heaviest Trad-Riss routes in the world: Meltdown

A few days ago, Carlo Traversi successfully repeated the trad crack route Meltdown (5.14c/8c+) in Yosemite Valley. Like numerous international athletes, the American also frolics...



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