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Crack in the Magic Wood | Municipality and IG Magic Wood in dispute

The waves are rising in the Magic Wood. We met the mayor and the president of IG Magic Wood for a discussion.

Martin Keller climbs 18-year-old Dreamtime project in Cresciano

Martin Keller managed to climb what is probably the most famous boulder in the world: Dreamtime (8c) in Cresciano, Switzerland.

Magic Wood bouldering area: Community terminates lease agreement with Saluz family

The waves go wild in the nationally and internationally known and popular bouldering area Magic Wood. The Saluz long-term tenant family received notice of termination from the municipality of Ferrera. What is going on in the Aver Valley? Will the Magic Wood bouldering area soon lose its magic? LACRUX spoke to Thomas Saluz and the Mayor Albert Rauch.

Martin Keller completes two-year project: Ill Trill (8b +) climbed

The Swiss boulderer Martin Keller successfully climbs the Ill Trill boulder in the Magic Wood after "only" two years of project planning.

Martin Keller succeeds in the first repetition of the seat start version of the 8c Boulder Riot Act

Martin Keller gets the first ascent of the 8c Boulder Riot Act in the Frankenjura. The over 40-year-old invested a total of 60 sessions in the inspection.

Martin Keller commits New Base Line after 10 years of designing

Martin Keller completes another long-term project with the celebration of New Base Line (8b +) in the bouldering area Magic Wood.

Martin Keller manages the start of the Boulders Ninja Skills (8c / 8c +) in Sobrio

The Swiss Martin Keller announces the first ascent of the sit start version of the Boulders Ninja Skill. Martin gives the rating as 8c/8c+. As befits Martin,...

Jimmy Webb in Sending Mode: The Dancing with the Rock (8c), Primitivo Stand (8b) and Zingaro (8b) in two days

Jimmy Webb commits 8c Boulder Dancing with the Rock and opening two new 8b Boulders within two days.