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Floatin (8c +) - what a boulder | Video

At the beginning of the month, the Japanese Ryuichi Murai managed the first ascent of the 8c + Boulder Floatin (aka Launch Pad Project). The recently published video shows the crazy grip sequences of the boulder on Mount Mizugaki.

Ryuichi Murai in top form: first climbed 8c + Boulder Floatin

Two days ago, the young Japanese Ryuichi Murai made the first ascent of the Boulders Launch Pad on Mount Mizugaki. He suggests 8c + as a rating for the short and strong line.

Tomoa Narasaki brings Olympic fitness to the rock: 8c boulder in the third attempt

The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki succeeds in climbing the 8c boulder Asagimadara in only the third attempt.