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Spanish Kinglines repeated

Jorg Verhoeven, Gabriele Moroni and Leo Ketil Bøe repeat classics of the 9th French degree in Siurana, Oliana and Margalef.

Video: This is how Michaela Kiersch climbs La Rambla (9a +)

In January of this year, Michaela Kiersch was only the third woman to climb the 9a+ route la Rambla in Siurana. With this rare ascent, the strong American joins the illustrious group of 9a+ climbers. Only seven women worldwide have cracked this level so far. Now there is her inspection as a video.

Michaela Kiersch repeats as third woman La Rambla (9a +)

Michaela Kiersch manages the red point ascent of La Rambla in Siurana, probably the most famous 9a + route in Spain. After Margo Hayes and Chaehyun Seo, the American is only the third woman to do so.

Video: Chaehyun Seo climbs La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana as the second woman

The South Korean Chaehyun was only the second woman to climb the route La Rambla (9a +) in November. Now the video of their inspection is online.

Historical Onsight Walk of Chaehyun Seo | L'Antagonista (8c)

Chaehyun Seo is only the second woman ever to onsight climb an 8c route. In La Morera de Montsant, Spain, the 19-year-old South Korean scored the 60-meter-long mega route L'Antagonista. On the same day she also managed the onsight ascent of Hidrofóbia (8b).

Cédric Lachat succeeds in celebrating the most famous 9a + in the world: La Rambla in Siurana

Cédric Lachat commits the sport climbing route La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana, Spain. It is the fifth route for him in this level of difficulty.

Dave Graham scores the most famous 9a + in the world: La Rambla

Last weekend Dave Graham managed the red point ascent of the 9a + route La Rambla in Siurana. It is the 25th ascent of the route. "This guy was...

Piotr Schab scored in Spain: La Rambla (9a +) and 20 años después (9a)

A few days ago, Polish climber Piotr Schab climbed his fifth 9a + since the beginning of 2018. Also for the fifth time in the last 12 months, he climbed with the 20 route años después a 9a.