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Video: Kaddi Lehmann commits cryptos in the Balsthal

Kathrin Lehmann publishes a video in which she tells the story behind the inspection of the 8c boulder Kryptos in the Balsthal.

Christof Rauch repeats cryptos and scores the boulder

The Austrian Christof Rauch succeeded on 29. March 2019 the commission of Boulders Kryptos in just one session. The 24 year old evaluates the boulder from 8c to 8b +.

Elias Iagnemma repeats the 8c Boulder crypt at Morchelstock Balsthal

The Italian Elias Iagnemma managed to climb the boulder Kryptos (8c) in Balsthal last Friday. The year 2018 is the year of bouldering cryptos....

Kathrin (Kaddi) Lehmann is the second woman to boulder an 8c - Kryptos

Kathrin Lehmann, one of the strongest German climbers, manages to climb the 8c boulder Kryptos at Morechelstock in Balsthal, Switzerland. Kaddi is the second woman...

Kevin Heiniger on the 8c inspection of Kryptos

In April, Bernese Kevin Heiniger climbed the 8c boulder Kryptos on the Morechelstock in Balsthal (LACRUX reported). In today's guest post Kevin tells us how he...

Kevin Heiniger on the successful ascent of Kryptos

At the end of April, Kevin Heiniger managed to inspect cryptos (LACRUX reported) after years of project planning. The video of the successful ascent is now online. Kevin Heiniger at...

Kevin Heiniger climbs Kryptos (8c) in the Balsthal

Last Monday, Kevin Heiniger from Bern managed to climb Kryptos (8c) on the Morechelstock in Balsthal. The first climbed by Franz Widmer in 2009...