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Solveig Korherr climbs Jungfraumarathon (9a) near Gimmelwald

The German climber Solveig Korherr scores the Gimmelwald test piece Jungfraumarathon (9a). For two and a half weeks, she tweaked her beta and refined her moves before she could scale the endurance hammer.

Video: That's behind Katherine Choong's inspection of Jungfraumarathon (9a)

On October 16, 2019, Katherine Choong climbed her second 9a route with Jungfraumarathon. Filmmaker Nicolas Falquet accompanied the Jurassic on her way to the top with his camera and captured her marathon to her second trophy in the ninth grade in gripping pictures.

Sascha Lehmann climbs 9a routes in rows

Sascha Lehmann get four 9's within a few days. He started Jungfrau Marathon, Alpenbitter, Schwarz Mönch (first ascent) and Massala Tea.

Alexander Rohr scores Jungfrau Marathon (9a)

The Bernese Alexander Rohr climbs two 9a routes in one year. Now he wants to be the first Swiss to pass an 9b.

Katherine Choong Climbs Jungfrau Marathon (9a)

The Swiss from Switzerland, Katherine Choong, gets an inspection of the 9a-Route Jungfrau Marathon. It is the second route in this degree for the 27 year old.

David Firnenburg gets an inspection of the Jungfrau Marathon (9a) in Gimmelwald

Swiss-based German professional climber David Firnenburg climbs the 9a Jungfrau Marathon route in the Bernese Oberland.

Marco Müller gets the celebration of the Jungfrau Marathon (9a) in Gimmelwald

The Schwyz climber Marco Müller scored the 9a-Jungfraumarathon in the Bernese sports climbing area Gimmelwald a few days ago.

Cedric Lachat climbs Gimmelwald Classic Jungfrau Marathon in the fourth attempt

Sport climber Cedric Lachat from western Switzerland has once again managed to climb a tough route: He climbs the Jungfrau Marathon near Gimmelwald in the Bernese Oberland. Almost a week ago...