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Jimmy Webb settles outstanding accounts: Swiss Air (8C), First Ascent

A year after his highball injury, Jimmy Webb returns to Ticino to complete his open project: Swiss Air (8C)

8C+ boulder after torn ligament

Jimmy Webb tore multiple ankle ligaments in a fall this spring. The strong American seems to have survived the forced break resulting from this. He recently repeated Drew Ruana's test piece Insomniac (8C+) in Lincoln Lake and is definitely back in the game.

US bouldering power in Ticino: Video I Mostri published

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and other American bouldering professionals climbed a series of difficult lines in 2019/2020. Here is the video.

Jimmy Webb commits Poison the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c)

The American Jimmy Webb announces the ascent of two difficult boulders in Ticino: Poisen the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c).

Ticino vs. Fontainebleau 1-0

Jimmy Webb visited the French bouldering area Fontainebleau repeatedly, but was badly hit by bad weather. Thank God there is Ticino.

Jimmy Webb climbs Off the Wagon sit (8c+) in Val Bavona

Jimmy Webb secures the second ascent of the Boulder Off the Wagon sit (8c +) in Val Bavona. The boulder is one of the heaviest lines in the world.

Jimmy Webb: First ascent of Gateway on the Dreamtime block

In March 2019, Jimmy Webb successfully climbed the Boulders Gateway at the famous Block Dreamtime in Cresciano. Jimmy specifies 8b + as the difficulty.

Jimmy Webb can crimp hard: He sends Lucid Dreaming (8c)

Jimmy Webb climbs the 8c boulder Lucid Dreaming in Bishop. The ledge climbing in Lucid Dreaming is actually not for the American.



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