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Jorge Diaz-Rullo climbs 8b + route Darwin Dixit free solo

The Spaniard Jorge Diaz-Rullo managed the rope-free ascent of the 8c sport climbing route Darwin Dixit in Margalef. This video shows his passage.

Interview with free solo climber Alfredo Webber

In mid-March, the 52-year-old Italian managed one of the most difficult free solo ascents in climbing history with Panem et Circenses (8c). We spoke to Alfredo about his exploit.

Alfredo Webber climbs the 8c route free solo

The Italian Alfredo Webber managed one of the most difficult free solo ascents in climbing history. He climbed the route Panem et Circenses (8c) near Arco without a rope or a belaying partner.

Robbie Phillips climbs crack route along a bridge without fuses (free solo)

Robbie Phillips reacts to the criticism of his first ascent and repeats the crack climbing route on a bridge in Edinburgh without security (free solo).

Dave MacLeod on the Free Solo ascent of Darwin Dixit (8b +) in Margalef

2008 succeeded Dave MacLeod with Darwin Dixit (then rated 8c), which was probably the hardest free-solo ascent. Now he publishes a video.

Tobi Ebner climbs left half bell free solo

The Austrian climber, coach and route builder Toni Ebner committed the route left half bell without any protection (free solo) earlier this month.

The climbing film Free Solo with Alex Honnold is released

Finally the long wait comes to an end. The film about the historic free-solo on-route of the route freeriders on El Capitan by Alex Honnold comes into the cinemas.

Alex Honnold comments on climbing scenes of old Hollywood classics

Super entertaining: Alex Honnold comments famous climbing scenes in Hollywood strips. Neither Cliffhanger nor Mission Impossible 2 are spared.