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Climbed the classic 300-meter route without a rope

Dave MacLeod is known for his extraordinary nerves. Be it bold trad lines, wild mixed routes or free soloing: the Scots are not easily ruffled. His most recent video shows him rope free on the Left Hand Route on Ben Nevis.

Impressive free solo ascent of the Cioch Nose (200m)

This video shows Dave McLeod free-soloing a well-known multi-pitch tour in Scotland: Cioch Nose.

Marco Milanese: Crazy Free Solo Wingsuit Combo | Video

Marco Milanese's idea of ​​perfection is to climb rope-free and then fly back down into the valley. Said and done. He recently climbed the Delagoturm free solo, one of the six Vajolet towers in the center of the Catinaccio Group, and threw himself off the summit in his wingsuit.

This is how Alex Honnold climbs The Phoenix (7c +) free solo

In 2011, Alex Honnold realized what was then the most difficult rope-free ascent in Yosemite Valley with his free solo from The Phoenix (7c +). More than ten years later, filmmaker Peter Mortimer publishes the video of the radical solo effort. A personal and breathtaking look behind the scenes of this solo.

Hair-raising free solo: Jonas Hainz climbs 400 meters 7b route Moulin Rouge | Video

The young South Tyrolean alpinist Jonas Hainz manages the free solo ascent of Moulin Rouge (400m, 7b) on the Croda Rossa. The line through the imposing and overhanging wall in the Rosengarten group was set up 20 years ago by his father Christoph Hainz together with Oswald Celva.

Video: Alex Honnold free-climbs famous climbing routes in the US and Europe

For the virtual reality documentary "Alex Honnold: The Soloist VR", the most well-known solo climber of his time climbed rope-free through large walls in Europe and the USA, including the Yellow Wall on the Kleine Zinne, Desert Gold in the Red Rocks or large parts the American Direct at the Petit Dru.

Alex Honnold has become a father

For once, Alex Honnold, probably the best-known free solo climber of the time, is not making a name for himself with a top athletic performance on the rock, but with a very personal one: On February 17 at 22.30:XNUMX p.m. his daughter June saw the light of day.

Dean Potter: Free Soloing with Parachute

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the death of climber and extreme athlete Dean Potter, Reel Rock released recordings of a free solo ascent of The Rostrum and the Alien Roof.