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Janja Garnbret climbs iron sit (8C) – twice!

In less than half an hour: Janja Garnbret secures the first women's ascent of Eisen sit (8C) in the Malta Valley.

Laura Rogora is the first woman to climb Lapsus (9a+) near Andonno

The Italian Laura Rogora is the first woman to repeat the 9a+ route Lapsus in Andonno, which was still considered the first 2015b in Italy in 9.

Anak Verhoeven defies gravity

First Female Ascent: Anak Verhoeven is the first woman to climb the difficult trad route La Fuerza de la Gravedad (8b)

Nina Caprez climbs the guestless test piece Yeah Man (8b +, 300m)

Only one year after the birth of her child, the Swiss climber Nina Caprez is back in the climbing business - it seems almost stronger than before: In the Friborg Gastlosen, the 36-year-old succeeds in repeating the difficult multi-pitch tour Yeah Man (8b +, 300m).

First women's ascent: Janja Garnbret climbs the Boulder Iron

Just on International Women's Day, Janja Garnbret announces the first women's ascent of the Bouldering Iron (8b +) in the Maltatal. The Slovenian once again underlines her extraordinary strength.

Video - Babsi Zangerl climbs one of the toughest trad routes in Europe: Greenspit

In October 2020, Babsi Zangerl was the first woman to climb one of the toughest trad routes in Europe, Greenspit in the Valle dell'Orco. Black Diamond is now publishing a video about the story behind the visit.

Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen: First female ascent of Kryptonite

The two women Margo Hayes and Paige Claassen made the first and second female ascent of the Kryptonite route (8c + / 9a) at Fortress of Solitude.

Sasha DiGiulian and Edu Marin repeat Mora Mora

The American Sasha DiGiulian and the Spaniard Edu Marin repeat one of the world's most difficult multi-pitch tours. The route Mora Mora (12SL, 700m, 8c) is on...



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