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This climber has stronger fingers than Ondra, Bosi and Midtbo

Allison Vest has finger strength that is second to none. Even top climbers like Ondra or Bosi can no longer keep up.

This is how much grip strength Adam Ondra | has Video

How much grip strength does the best climber in the world have? In this video, Magnus Midtbo tests the Czech high-flyer Adam Ondra.

This is how your fingers become really strong

Anyone who, like Alex Megos, has become strong on the finger holes in Franconian Switzerland and has trained for years with professional trainers such as Dicki Korb or Patrick Matros should be the perfect place to go when it comes to finger strength. In his latest video, the German climbing professional shows various exercises that you can use to build up your finger strength.

How to measure your finger strength with the Critical Force Test

The Critical Force Test is a test to determine different components of climbing-specific finger strength. With the help of the test, the short-term available maximum strength, the long-term muscular endurance and the energy storage of an athlete's forearms can be determined.

You should avoid these 3 mistakes in fingerboard training

Whether beginner or pro, many climbers make the same mistakes when training fingerboards. In the video, professional climber and coach Tom Randall clears up the three most common mistakes and explains the effect of fatigue, as well as body and grip position on training success.

More finger strength thanks to home workout - video to participate

In this training video, 9a climber Marco Müller shows you how he efficiently trains finger strength at home.

Adam Ondra vs. Bodybuilder Anabolic Horse: Who Wins?

The successful bodybuilder and physique athlete Anabolic Horse challenged Adam Ondra to a duel. In the following video, the two of them go through different strength exercises.

Better rope climbing thanks to these fingerboard exercises

Finger strength is a key factor in climbing success. When climbing on a rope, there is a combination of maximum and endurance exertion. You can improve your performance on the rock with the following exercises on the fingerboard.