Keyword: Esclatamasters

Solveig Korherr in the form of her life

Solveig Korherr is currently unstoppable. On her most recent climbing trip, she strings one success after another.

Adam Ondra tries Esclatamasters (9a) onsight

The 9a climbing route Esclatamasters by Ramon Julian Puigblanque has a special meaning for Adam Ondra. He saved the line for a long time so that he could try an onsight ascent at the right moment. It happened recently.

Anak Verhoeven climbs 2 x 9a - with an hour break

At the end of her trip to Spain, Anak Verhoeven faced a special challenge. She climbs Esclatamasters twice in a row, once with and once without a Kneepad. And that with only an hour break in between.



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