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James Pearson repeats Immortal (E11, 7b) and downgrades | A never grading story

Déja vu, but reversed: James Pearson repeats Immortal (E11, 7b) by Franco Cookson and downgrades the line.

Hardest slab route in the world? Franco Cookson climbs The Dewin Stone (9a+)

Franco Cookson opens what is currently the most difficult slab climb in the world at Twll Mawr: The Dewin Stone (9a+).

Stefano Ghisolfi amazes Wide Boyz | Video

The ominous basement of wide boyz Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall is the ultimate rift torture chamber. Anyone who is invited to lend a hand can be self-reliant. And if you also make a good trap, you are almost in crack Olympus. Stefano Ghisolfi recently paid his respects and amazed the Wide Boyz.

Stefano Ghisolfi shines on Burden of Dreams Replica | Video

We have known since Excalibur at the latest: Stefano Ghisolfi is in top form. And since his king line in Arco requires a lot of maximum strength, the Italian climbing pro has plenty of power when bouldering. He demonstrated this impressively during a visit to Sheffield, where he attempted to flash the Burden of Dreams replica.

Ondra pulverizes Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt's test pieces

Adam Ondra is undoubtedly the strongest climber of his generation. But how does he compare to the best before him? To find out, Magnus Midtbo brought the Czech over-climber together in Sheffield with two '90s climbing legends: Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt.

James Pearson & Caroline Ciavaldini climb difficult gritstone classics

James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini successful in English gritstone: They climb Harder Faster (E9 7a) and Gaia (E8 6c) respectively.

Video about Rainman (9b) commemoration by 46 year-old Steve McClure

Almost a year ago, the 46-year-old Englishman Steve McClure climbed the toughest route in Great Britain with Rainman (9b). The story behind the ascent was filmed and...