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Michaela Kiersch commits Dreamcatcher (9a) | Video

About a year ago, Michaela Kiersch managed to inspect the Sqamish classic Dreamcatcher (9a). The video with impressive footage of this aesthetic route is now online. 2021...

Adam Ondra's wedding | Claassen & Kiersch climb Dreamcatcher (9a) | Moroni with 9a in the Franconian Jura

For a long time it remained quiet about the Squamish test piece Dreamcatcher in Canada. Until the two strong women Paige Claassen and Michaela Kiersch came. And the Italian pays a visit to the Franconian Jura and repeats the Bock route The Holy Grail. On the part of Adam Ondra there is for once no message from the rock, but from the altar: He and his partner have said yes.

Video: Jimmy Webb climbs Squamish classic Dreamcatcher

On a three-month trip, Jimmy Webb spontaneously decided to try the Dreamcatcher (9a) route in Squamish, which Chris Sharma had first climbed. In this video...