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Stefano Ghisolfi climbs the legendary Action Directe (9a) | Video

First 9a in the world: With Action Directe, Stefano Ghisolfi repeated one of the most iconic lines in the world last fall.

Historical routes repeated: Ghisolfi and Piccolruaz successful on the rock

Stefano Ghisolfi repeats the legendary 9a route Action Directe, Michael Piccolruaz scores Weisse Rose at the Schleierwasserfall.

Dylan Chuat tests injured ring ligament: Action Directe (9a) scores

Dylan Chuat's ring ligament injury seems to have healed. The Swiss climber recently subjected his fingers to a real endurance test and, among other things, repeated the Wolfgang Güllich classic Action Directe (9a) in the Franconian Jura.

First Hubble, now Action Direct: That's what Buster Martin says about the 9a classics

After five days of planning, Buster Martin had what is probably the most famous route in the Franconian Jura in his pocket. Next to Alexander Megos, he is only the second climber to have climbed both Wolfgang Güllich's Action Directe and Ben Moon's Hubble - two absolute classics, often accompanied by the question of which was the world's first 9a.

Action Directe controversy: That's what Said Belhaj and Hannes Huch say today | broadcast beta

In 2019, Hannes Huch accused the Swedish professional climber Said Belhaj of not having climbed Action Directe. The controversy occupied the climbing scene. What is the status of the Causa Belhaj today? We spoke to the two opponents Said Belhaj and Hannes Huch.

Philipp Gassner climbs Action Directe (9a) - video

On April 24, 2021, Philipp Gassner climbed the legendary 9a route Action Directe. This video shows his ascent.

This is what Alex Megos says about the dispute over the title "First 9a in the world"

Is Action Directe the world's first 9a, or is it Hubble? Does history have to be rewritten? We spoke to Alexander Megos.

Germany vs. Great Britain - Where was the first 9a climbed in the world?

The latest episode of Actiontalk TV and LACRUX's BETA program is dedicated to historical climbing routes such as Action Directe, Hubble and Akira. In exclusive interviews with the German climbing professional Alex Megos and the controversial Frenchman Fred Rouhling, we investigate the question of whether climbing history needs to be rewritten and what about the confused history of the 9b route Akira.



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