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That's why Aidan Roberts rates Spots of Time 9A

Speculations are true: Aidan Roberts rates his boulder Spots of Time with a difficulty level of 9A.

Through the ceiling: How Franco Cookson jumped from 7c+ straight to 9a

How British climber Franco Cookson managed to go from 7c+ straight to 9a in four years.

Next Level: This is how you crack the 7th degree

Get ahead where there are a lot of climbers queuing: With these professional tips you can make the jump to the 7th degree.

From 6a to 9b in just seven years

Eder Lomba is one of the strongest climbers in the world. And yet the young Basque is not yet well known in the climbing scene. This is all the more astonishing given that he made the leap from difficulty level 6a to 9a in just six years.

Michaela Kiersch climbs her first 8b+ boulder with Hailstorm

The fact that Michaela Kiersch is a strong climber has been known since her ascent of the Sharma route Dreamcatcher near Squamish. In Ogden, Utah, she recently underlined that the American is also at the forefront of bouldering. There she climbed her first boulder of this difficulty with Hailstorm (8b +).

Stefano Ghisolfi gets the first ascent of the Route l'Arenauta (9b)

In the Sperlonga climbing area between Rome and Naples, Stefano Ghisolfi was the first to climb the l'Arenauta route, drilled by Giuliano Tarquini 20 years ago. He suggests grade 9b as an evaluation.

Adam Ondra: Is the limit in difficulty at 10a or 10b?

In the past forty years, the level of difficulty in sport climbing has developed rapidly, but is now flattening out. Where is the limit? Adam Ondra and Magnus Midtbo talk about this during a meeting.

Sean Bailey climbs bibliography in Céüse

The American Sean Bailey succeeds in climbing one of the most difficult routes in the world: bibliography in the French climbing area of ​​Céüse.