Keyword: Deep Water Soloing

Deep water soloing in Flatanger: Thilo Schröter opens Sjøslag (8c)

The Norwegian Thilo Schröter succeeds in the first ascent of the impressive Deep Water Solo Route Sjøslag (8c) in Flatanger.

Es Pontas - Most spectacular deep water soloing route

This video shows Chris Sharma on the first ascent of the spectacular deep water soloing route Es Pontas on the coast of Mallorca.

Deep water soloing in winter

In this video, Norwegian Magnus Midtbo practices deep water soloing in wintry conditions, i.e. he climbs rope-free over the water.

Deep water soloing on 3 rock formations

Tim Emmett took Kyra Condie to Vietnam and initiated her into the climbing discipline without ropes and safety devices: Deep Water Soloing.

Big Fish: Chris Sharma commits a difficult deep water solo route

In 2017 Chris Sharma climbed a difficult and high deep water solo route in Mallorca. We show impressive pictures of his first ascent of Big Fish.

Deep Water Soloing: Climbing on Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland

Sundlauenen on Lake Thun invites you to climb without rope. We introduce you to the spot, give you a packing list with valuable tips on the way.

Menorca - a paradise for climbing

Whether bouldering, sport climbing or deep water soloing - the rocks of the island of Menorca have everything to offer. Anja von Transa has tested the climbing areas.

Video Rock & Splash: Jernej Kruder doing deep water soloing in Mallorca

Scarpa is releasing a movie about the Deep Water Soloing Trip on Mallorca by brothers and sisters Julia and Jernej Kruder in Autumn 2018.



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