Keyword: Danger in sport climbing

Competitive climbing has a problem - Here's what the IFSC says about RED-S and eating disorders

For a long time, only the side of the IFSC critics was heard in the matter of RED-S and eating disorders in climbing. Now the association is speaking out.

Live stream, ticker & results: World Cup final Combined format Bouldering & Lead | Men

Today the World Cup final will take place in the combined format with ben men. Here is live stream, live ticker & results.

Fixexes as ticking time bombs

Fortunately, excavators that have been ground in and fixed for a short or longer period of time have so far only rarely led to accidents. But when a rope breaks, the effects are often devastating. We spoke to Daniel Benz, club president of EastBolt, about a danger in sport climbing that is known to many but still doesn't get the attention it deserves.



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