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Robert Renzler dies in a climbing accident

Robert Renzler died in a climbing accident last weekend. The 67-year-old fell more than 60 meters while abseiling.

Climber seriously injured after a fall in the Torbeccio climbing area

Yesterday, Sunday, there was an accident in the Torbeccio climbing area in the Maggia Valley. The climber involved was seriously injured.

Ammerthaler Wand closed after a serious climbing accident

On July 29, 2020, a serious climbing accident occurred on the Ammerthaler Wand. The safety hook of the deflector is broken.

Mountaineer fatally injured on the Schreckhorn

A mountaineer fell on the Schreckhorn near Grindelwald on Sunday morning. She fell several hundred meters and was fatally injured. Her...

Mountain sports photographer Ralf Gantzhorn has a fatal accident at the Cheselenflue

The northern German climber, alpinist and mountain sports photographer Ralf Gantzhorn has had a fatal accident on the Cheselenflue.

Climbing hall only allows semi-automatic belay devices

On January 18, a 33-year-old climber fell from a height of ten meters in the St. Gallen climbing hall. The victim was badly bruised...



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