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Jimmy Webb commits Poison the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c)

The American Jimmy Webb announces the ascent of two difficult boulders in Ticino: Poisen the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c).

Probably the second strongest Czech visits Switzerland

In early February, Martin Stranik stayed in Switzerland for a few days. During his stay he got numerous difficult bouldering tours.

Marco Müller soaring: Vecchio Leone and more climbed

The Schwyz climber Marco Müller fills his tick list at record speed at the beginning of the year. A few days ago he got the inspection of the 8b boulder...

Vadim Timonov dusts off in Ticino: Amber, General Disarray and more

The Russian Vadim Timonov has been in Switzerland for a little over a week now. Within a very short space of time he started numerous heavy Ticino classics.

The bouldering guide for Brione is here - Verzasca Boulder

The Bouldering Guide for Brione, Verzasca Boulder, is here. 160 pages, 19 sectors and hundreds of dreamlines to discover in the Verzasca Valley.

Giuliano Cameroni commits numerous new boulders in Brione

Giuliano Cameroni opened a number of new lines in the bouldering area of ​​Brione around a year ago. Part of it is published in the following video.

Hard boulders, heavy wine and balsamic bouts: Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio in Ticino

In the months of April and May many American climbing professionals stayed in the boulder areas of Ticino. Among them Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio. In the following video you get an insight into their everyday life.

Video about the two 8c + first ascents of Giuliano Cameroni: Poison the Well and REM

In February 2019 Giuliano Cameroni opened two of the hardest boulders in Ticino: Poison the Well at Brione and REM at the famous Dreamtime block in Cresciano. Here is the video of the inspections.