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Moritz Welt cracks Dreamtime (8c) within a short time

Moritz Welt makes short work of Dreamtime (8c) and climbs the Cresciano classic in two sessions. In Brione, the strong German also secures a repeat of the 8B boulder Amber.

Daniel Woods and Will Bosi in Flash mode

The Ticino bouldering classics seem to appeal to Will Bosi. After his success in Alphane (9A), the strong Scot also managed the flash ascent of the 8B classic Vecchio Leone in Brione. Also going strong was Daniel Woods, who repeated Fred Nicole's Radja (8B+) from 1996 with the original beta.

You've never seen such a concentrated load of bouldering professionals | Video

This video shows eight super strong boulderers as they tackle the Kingdom Wall in Brione, Ticino.

Six Swiss bouldering areas for warm days

Transianer Michel has picked out six Swiss bouldering areas for you that are suitable for bouldering adventures in the warm months.

Short visit to Ticino: Simon Lorenzi with an impressive tick list

The World Cup start in Meiringen did not go as planned for Simon Lorenzi with 39th place. The Belgian was able to prove his strength in the bouldering paradise of Ticino. In Brione he managed the Boulder Vecchio Leone (8b), Kingdom (8b+/c) and Everything the Light Touches (8c) within a few days.

Recent bouldering videos | Roadkill, Tomba & Co

It's no secret: Ticino has had perfect climbing conditions for a long time. This was used by various pros to score heavy lines. So Dave Graham and Clement Lechaptois got the fourth and fifth ascent of Roadkill 8C. Nils Favre from western Switzerland gets Tomba 8B+ and Heritage 8B/+ as well as General Dissaray 8B and Casavino 8B+ in one day.

Megos in Brione: You have never seen such a solid ascent

After the Bouldering World Cup in Meiringen, Alexander Megos drove a few colleagues to Brione. This video shows the incredible ease with which he climbs blocks up to 8a +.

Loads of new boulders opened in Brione

The Cameroni brothers have added several new lines to the Brione bouldering area in Ticino. This video shows six new boulders.