Keyword: Black Eagle

In the Rocklands rows of heavy boulders are cracked

In the South African bouldering Mecca Rocklands there is a lot going on: Ryuichi Murai repeats the ultimate test piece Livin' Large (8C +) as well as other hard boulders. Russian Vadim Timonov flashes Mirta (8B+) and opens G-master (8C).

The Russian Vadim Timonov commits Black Eagle Assis (8c) and flashes hipster whale (8b)

Vadim Timonov is ticking a heavy boulder after another in the Rocklands. And as if that was not enough, he flashes an 8b boulder.

Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of The Smile (8c)

Giuliano Cameroni spent several months in the Rocklands, South Africa this summer. Towards the end of his stay he hit two hard boulders. On the one hand he climbed The...