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Jacopo Larcher climbs one of the most difficult trad crack routes in the world: Meltdown (8c +)

Jacopo Larcher secures the third ascent of the iconic Trad crack line Meltdown (8c +) in Cascade Creek in California's Yosemite Valley. After Beth Rodden's first ascent in 2008, it was a full decade before Carlo Traversi was the first to repeat the trad test piece.

Video: Carlo Traversi repeats first the crack route Meltdown

In November of last year, Carlo Traversi scored the first iteration of Meltdown (5.14c / 8c +). The route is one of the heaviest rift routes in the world, waiting for 10 years to repeat.

Carlo Traversi climbs one of the heaviest Trad-Riss routes in the world: Meltdown

A few days ago, Carlo Traversi successfully repeated the trad crack route Meltdown (5.14c/8c+) in Yosemite Valley. Like numerous international athletes, the American also frolics...