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Red Bull Dual Ascent: First climbing event on the fourth highest dam in Switzerland

After the legendary bungee jump by 220 agent Pierce Brosnan, the 007 meter high Contra dam in the Verzasca Valley will once again be the venue for a spectacular event: 16 of the world's best climbers will compete in teams of two in the first head-to-head on the Red Bull Dual Ascent. Head multi-pitch climbing competition.

Babsi Zangerl in one of the toughest trad routes in France (Le Voyage, E10, 7a)

In 2021, Babsi Zangerl climbed the mentally demanding trad route Le Voyage (E10, 7a). In the video, she takes the viewers into the sandstone wall, which has just enough structure to climb on and lay the most necessary safety devices.

Video: Odyssey on the north face of the Eiger has never been seen like this

Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher climbed the Eiger route “Odyssey” in one day last summer. Actually, they wanted to be the first to do it - but then two Belgians thwarted their plans. The film shows sensitively and closely what defines the Eiger North Face - well worth seeing!

Video - Babsi Zangerl climbs one of the toughest trad routes in Europe: Greenspit

In October 2020, Babsi Zangerl was the first woman to climb one of the toughest trad routes in Europe, Greenspit in the Valle dell'Orco. Black Diamond is now publishing a video about the story behind the visit.

Sébastien Berthe criticizes the evaluation of European multi-pitch routes

If the Belgian professional climber Sébastien Berthe has his way, numerous difficult multi-pitch classics in the Alps are massively overrated. He calls for discussion - reactions followed immediately.

Babsi Zangerl climbs 9a again with explosives

Barbara Zangerl from Vorarlberg manages only the second ascent of the Sprengstoff route (9a) on Lorünser Wändle.

Jacopo Larcher and Babsi Zangerl successful again: Anna Kournikova scored

The climbing couple Zangerl-Larcher succeeds in the red point ascent of the Trad route Anna Kournikova (8b +) in the Vallone di Piantonetto.

Barbara Zangerl climbs Green Spit - one of the most difficult crack routes in Europe

The 32-year-old Austrian Barbara Zangerl climbed the Green Spit crack route in the Valle Dell'Orco last week.