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The transceiver that speaks to you | Diract Voice from Ortovox

Voice commands can be useful. We talk to our phones to be faster and devices like Alexa talk to us in turn as if we were in a relationship. An electronic device that is symbolic of efficiency and speed in mountain sports is the avalanche transceiver. The question that arises is: Could voice commands speed up the search for buried subjects? Ortovox has an answer: The Diract Voice.

Will there be more wet snow avalanches in the future?

Climate change contributes to the fact that natural hazards occur more frequently in the Alpine region. Peter Bebi is researching these developments at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos. In an interview, he explains to us what dangers will look like in winter in the future and how we, as mountain sports enthusiasts, can take care of the snow.

Two alpinists fatally injured in an avalanche

On Friday morning, several alpinists were hit by a slab on the ascent to Piz Russein in Sumvitg. Two people were killed.

Professional snowboarder Julie Pomagalski died in an avalanche

The snowboarder Julie Pomagalski lost her life in an avalanche accident on Gemsstock in the canton of Uri. She was 40 years old.

Trifthütte badly damaged - operation from June 2021 at the earliest

The Trifthütte will remain closed until mid-June 2021 after massive damage from an avalanche.

Trifthütte damaged by avalanche - no more winter room

As the Bern section of the Swiss Alpine Club SAC writes on its website, the Trifthütte was damaged by an avalanche. Until further notice, no winter room and no shelter are available.

Little frills, a lot of performance: The LVS Powder BT from Pieps

The wintry mountain world is impressive and offers a lot of new things in summer: ski tours, snowshoe hikes or ice climbing, to name just a few sports. Unfortunately, snow-covered peaks also harbor a real risk of an avalanche. Especially with the current snow conditions. Life-saving equipment in an emergency is essential. Above all a reliable avalanche transceiver. We introduce you to the Powder BT from Pieps.

Etienne Bernard had a fatal accident in an avalanche

The 27-year-old mountain guide Etienne Bernard from the Fassa Valley, Trentino, was killed in an avalanche on the Sass Pordoi.