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Eva Hammelmüller climbs underground (8c + / 9a)

The Austrian Eva Hammelmüller scores with Underground (8c + / 9a) on her most difficult route to date.

Alfredo Webber climbs the 8c route free solo

The Italian Alfredo Webber managed one of the most difficult free solo ascents in climbing history. He climbed the route Panem et Circenses (8c) near Arco without a rope or a belaying partner.

Stefano Ghisolfi on the most difficult route in Italy: Erebor (9b / +)

In this video Stefano Ghisolfi tells the story behind the first ascent of the route Erebor (9b / +), the most difficult route in Italy.

Stefano Ghisolfi climbs Erebor (9b / +) - the most difficult route in Italy

Stefano Ghisolfi manages the first ascent of the Erebor route in Eremo di San Paolo near Arco. With a difficulty of 9b / +, it is the most difficult sport climbing route in Italy.

Laura Rogora is climbing 9a + again with The Bow

A few days ago, the young Italian managed to climb an extremely difficult route in Arco: The Bow (9a +).

Jakob Schubert flying high: 8c + flash, 8c onsight and more

Jakob Schubert climbs one difficult tour after the other. Among other things, he climbed 8c + flash and 8c onsight.

Video: Adam Ondra climbs the 9a route Atene Naturale

This video shows Adam Ondra on the solid ascent of the Atene Naturale route in the climbing area of ​​Massone, Italy.

Adam Ondra finds knee clamps and devalues ​​route

Adam Ondra managed the first repetition of the route beginning (9a / +). Because Adam found a knee clamp, he suggests 9a as a difficulty.