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Video: Climbing community with a united voice against the Ukraine war

He who is silent agrees. True to this principle, professional climbers from all over the world comment on the war in Ukraine in our video. The statements underline that the climbing community is characterized by an international connection that knows no borders.

Alex and Alex clear away in Lindental

Alexander Rohr and Alexander Megos were on a flying visit to the Lindental bouldering area in Bern and climbed the most difficult lines. Back from a climbing trip combined with a long drive...

Rocktober: 9a's fall like the leaves

In the past few weeks, we have received an above-average number of reports about inspections. Philipp Geisenhoff opened a new difficult route in the Basler Jura, Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat each scored two 9a's, Katherine Choong climbed a difficult MSL tour and Yannick Flohe flashed an 8b boulder.

Alex Rohr in an interview about the first ascent of The Back of Beyond (9a)

A few days ago, the Swiss climber managed the first ascent of The Back of Beyond (9a) route in Soyhières.

Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alex Rohr give full throttle in Céüse

The climbing scene gathered in Céüse. Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alexander Rohr were among the party.

Video: Alexander Rohr during the first ascent of Knockout and Inferno

In mid-May, Alexander Rohr made the first ascent of two difficult climbing routes in the Gimmelwald sport climbing area. Actiontalk was on site with the camera and held the...

Alexander Rohr soaring: knockout and inferno in Gimmelwald for the first time

Alexander Rohr is currently in top form. Within a few weeks, he managed numerous routes in the upper eighth and ninth French degrees. The two routes Knockout (8c +) and Inferno (9a / 9a +) are first ascents.

Alexander Rohr scores Jungfrau Marathon (9a)

The Bernese Alexander Rohr climbs two 9a routes in one year. Now he wants to be the first Swiss to pass an 9b.