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The 6 Best Outdoor and Adventure Films of the Year | EOFT 2023

The European Outdoor Film Tour starts in autumn with a brand new program in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Explore the cave: climb, crawl, be amazed

Micro adventure cave - We show you what it takes to explore caves and what to look out for.

Adventurous stream hike: ideas and tips

Ideas and tips for a river or stream trekking: We explain to you what you have to pay attention to and how your trekking will be well remembered.

Micro adventures: ideas and tips for your next trip

In our micro-adventure series, the guys from Fajro will introduce you to what a micro-adventure needs and present ideas for trips.

Win a climbing weekend at Keepwild Climbing Days

From 25th to 28th August 2017 the Keepwild Climbing Days will take place for the fifth time. The event is organized by Mountain Wilderness, supported...

Swiss-French team manages first ascent in Greenland

A five-strong Swiss-French expedition team made the first ascent of the 2000 meter high west face of Apostle Tommelfinger in Greenland. Far away from civilization, the five adventurers from...