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Futaba Ito and Yoshiyuki Ogata are the winners of the Adidas Rockstars 2019 competition

This weekend, the elite of the international sports climbing scene once again gathered for a very special kind of competition: Adidas Rockstars.

Adidas Rockstars 2019: info and live stream

On the 13. and 14. In September, the annual Adidas Rockstars competition takes place in the Porsche Arena Stuttgart. You can find infos and live stream here.

Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder win the bouldering competition Adidas Rockstars 2018

4.000 enthusiastic spectators and top DJs provided a worthy setting for the best climbers in the world in the packed Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. Led by the...

Adidas Rockstars 2018: Climbing competition with athletes from 20 nations

On September 21st and 22nd, when the best boulderers in the world fight for a place in the super final at the annual Adidas Rockstars in the Porsche Arena,...

Alex Puccio and Tomoa Narasaki are the Adidas Rockstars 2017

Last weekend, the world's top boulderers gathered in Stuttgart's Porsche Arena for the seventh edition of Adidas Rockstars, a climbing competition in which 80 invited...