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Can Ondra onsight all the hard routes in Soyhières in one afternoon?

Adam Ondra visited the Soyhières climbing area and attempted to onsight climb the most difficult routes in one afternoon. Will he make it?

Alex Rohr in an interview about the first ascent of The Back of Beyond (9a)

A few days ago, the Swiss climber managed the first ascent of The Back of Beyond (9a) route in Soyhières.

Kevin Heiniger masters the Lindental traverse E la natura va (8c)

The Bernese Kevin Heiniger gets the replay of the 8c traverse E la natura va. A few days later he climbed the sport climbing route Déjà (8b +).

Alex Megos: In 6 days 10 hard routes in Switzerland climbed

The 24-year-old climber Alexander Megos mastered three 9a routes and seven 8b+/c routes on his one-week trip 'Helveticlimb' through Switzerland in August. Without...