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Jernej Kruder climbs the 40-meter roof in the Pan Aroma alpine tour

Jernej Kruder manages the red point ascent of the impressive and extremely difficult multi-pitch route Pan Aroma (8b+, 500m) on the Drei Zinnen.

Huge rock fall on the southern Flüchthorn

A massive landslide occurred on the Flughorn massif in Tyrol on Sunday afternoon. Around 100 meters of rock from the 3400 meter high southern summit were torn away and thundered down in the area of ​​the north-west flank.

IFSC Boulder World Cup Brixen | Info & live stream

From June 9th to 11th, 2023, Brixen in South Tyrol will become an international bouldering stronghold. For three days, the climbing elite will compete at the IFSC Boulder World Cup. We have put together the most important information and the live stream for you.

12 summits in 72 hours: Gietl climbs the Villnösser-Odle traverse solo

The South Tyrolean mountain guide Simon Gietl manages the first winter traverse of the Geislerspitzen single-handedly. All in all, the professional alpinist was on the road for three days and climbed twelve independent peaks of the Geisler group.

Brown bear injured two people in the Dolomites

In a fight with a brown bear on Monte Peller in the Dolomites, two people were injured, some seriously, and had to go to the hospital.

Simon Gietl: First solo integral Tre Cime traverse in winter

The 35-year-old South Tyrolean Simon Gietl manages the first solo ascent of the winter traverse on the Three Peaks in the Dolomites.

Simon Gietl and Vittorio Messini: Three northwalls in 48 hours

The two alpinists Simon Gietl and Vittorio Messini set a new speed record. You climb the north face of the Ortler, the Grosse Zinne and the...

Michi Wohlleben in an interview about his transgression at the Drei Zinnen

In March 2017, the German alpinist Michi Wohlleben and the South Tyrolean Simon Gietl made the first winter ascent of the five peaks on the Drei Zinnen...


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Adam Ondra opens with B je to! (9b) the most difficult route in Croatia

Adam Ondra manages the first free ascent of Route B ever! (9b). It is the most difficult sport climbing route in Croatia.

Film tip: Hard routes, greasy holds, long departures – Kruder & Piccolruaz during deep water soloing

In this video, Lacrux TV accompanies climbing professionals Jernej Kruder and Michael Piccolruaz during deep water soloing. A must see!

Jakob Schubert rates BIG 9c | formerly Project Big

Jakob Schubert communicates the name of the climbing route that has become known as Project Big: It is called BIG. He rates the line 9c.

Michael Piccolruaz repeats Sharma-Kingline Alasha | including video interview

Professional climber Michael Piccolruaz is the second climber to repeat Sharma's Kingline Alasha, the most difficult DWS route in the world.

5 perfect autumn climbing spots in Tyrol with sixth and seventh levels of difficulty

For the upcoming climbing autumn, we present you 5 perfect autumn climbing spots with routes in the sixth and seventh French degrees.