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Second repetition and second devaluation for REM on the Dreamtime boulder

Sam Weir repeats Giuliano Cameroni's crimp test piece REM on the Dreamtime block and suggests a slight downward course correction.

Paul Robinson repeats South Africa-9a Legacy

The American bouldering specialist Paul Robinson succeeds in only the second repetition of the 9a route Legacy, the first 9a in South Africa.

Paul Robinson climbs a boulder in the 8th French degree for the thousandth time

A few days ago, the American bouldering professional Paul Robinson climbed a boulder with a difficulty of at least 1000a for the 8th time.

Paul Robinson about the bouldering paradise Ticino and overgraded boulders

We spoke to Paul Robinson about his ambassador role at Prana, his striking devaluation of two boulders and Ticino as a bouldering paradise.

Paul Robinson: Second ascent of the boulder Murder One (8a +) in Cevio

The American Paul Robinson stayed in Switzerland for a long time. He recently managed to climb the Boulder Murder One for the second time.

Paul Robinson repeats REM (8c+) and suggests 8b+

The American Paul Robinson succeeds in the first repetition of a new boulder on the Dreamtime block in Cresciano: REM (8c +). He rates the line as 8b +.

Paul Robinson in an interview: That's how the Internet changed the lives of climbing professionals

This spring, we met boulderer and pranic athlete Paul Robinson in Chironico and talked to him about his life as a climbing pro.

Air Wolf at Indian Creek: Most Beautiful Boulder in the World?

Paul Robinson commits the Highball Boulder Air Wolf in Indian Creek. In the usual manner Paul produced a nice video of his commission.