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Big Fish: Chris Sharma commits a difficult deep water solo route

In 2017 Chris Sharma climbed a difficult and high deep water solo route in Mallorca. We show impressive pictures of his first ascent of Big Fish.

Video Rock & Splash: Jernej Kruder doing deep water soloing in Mallorca

Scarpa is releasing a movie about the Deep Water Soloing Trip on Mallorca by brothers and sisters Julia and Jernej Kruder in Autumn 2018.

Interview: Siblings Julija and Jernej Kruder give full throttle at Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca

Jernej and Julija Kruder spent most of October in the deep water soloing paradise of Mallorca. The two managed hard ascents, despite difficult conditions....

Women's power: Margo Hayes, Emily Harrington and Paige Claassen in Mallorca

The Americans Margo Hayes, Emily Harrington and Paige Claassen traveled to Mallorca to explore the ingenious deep water soloing routes and the almost in...

Chris Sharma: First time Deep Water Soloing route

Chris Sharma opens another hard deep water soloing tour on Mallorca: Big Fish (8c+/9a). Most recently, Chris Sharma had the inspection of a 30-meter DWS route in...

Chris Sharma climbs 30 Meter's Deep Water Soloing route

Last Thursday, Chris Sharma made the first ascent of a super high deep water soloing route on the Pont d'Arc rock arch in Ardèche, France. Chris Sharma is known...



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