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Swiss climbing crew discovers new DWS sector with lines up to 8c

The DWS Mecca Mallorca has one more Psicobloc spot thanks to the Swiss climbers Philipp Geisenhoff, Marco Müller, Benjamin Weber, Benjamin Schelker and Flo Weber. At Cala Magrana they found a virgin rock ledge and opened six new routes there, including Poseidon's Kiss (8c).

Jakob Schubert climbs DWS route Es Pontas | interview

The Austrian professional climber Jakob Schubert succeeds in ascent of the deep water soloing route Es Pontas on Mallorca. Just a few days after his success in Alasha.

Interview: Jakob Schubert about the DWS inspection of Alasha

During his most recent climbing trip to the deep-water soloing paradise Mallorca, he managed one of the most difficult routes of its kind: Alasha. In an interview, Schubert reveals what the ascent means to him and how he approached the route.

Jakob Schubert climbs Deep Water Soloing Route Alasha

The Austrian Jakob Schubert manages the first repetition of one of the most difficult deep water soloing routes in the world: Alasha (9b) near Port de Sóller.

Climber fatally injured while deep water soloing in Mallorca

Two climbers had a fatal accident while deep water soloing on the Spanish Mediterranean island. These are two people from the United States, aged 25 and 35, respectively.

Es Pontas - Most spectacular deep water soloing route

This video shows Chris Sharma on the first ascent of the spectacular deep water soloing route Es Pontas on the coast of Mallorca.

Again Iker Pou: Guggenhell (9a + / 9b) first climbed

A few days after the first ascent of the Gran Guggenheim route, the 44-year-old goes one step further and climbs an even more difficult exit variant, Guggenhell, which he...

Iker Pou cracks a monstrous route: Gran Guggenheim (9a +) first climbed

Iker Pou manages the first ascent of a heavily overhanging and long roof route on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The route called Gran Guggenheim is rated 9a + by Iker.



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