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Natalia Grossman wins the Boulder World Cup in Brixen

Natalia Grossman conquered all four final boulders at the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Brixen and thus secured the gold medal. For the strong American it is already the ninth Boulder World Cup precious metal of her young career. The Korean Chaehyun Seo secured second place, the podium was completed by Stasa Gejo.

Po scandal: That's what the International Climbing Association IFSC says

The International Climbing Association IFSC lurches from scandal to scandal. The association has already been confronted with allegations of sexism twice. Is the IFSC finally drawing lessons from the matter? Why did the exact same incident occur a second time? We put these and other questions to the IFSC - and received an interesting answer.

Scandal: television zooms in on the buttocks of athlete Johanna Färber

During the bouldering world cup in Innsbruck, a cameraman filmed a close-up of Johanna Färber's rear for several seconds during the live broadcast. The athlete herself and the climbing scene are shocked.

Surprise victory for Israel at the Bouldering World Cup in Tai'an

Last weekend, the competitive athletes met in the Chinese city of Tai'an. Surprisingly, the gold medal for men went to Israeli Alex...